S and P logistics


S&P LOGISTICS was established in 2008 and specialises in bulk warehousing, providing for the storage and management of clients’ commodities. In addition to it’s warehousing service, S&P offers customers a number of ancillary services to facilitate the smooth flow of goods to and from its warehouse. The business is located in Harare and consists of two covered warehouses with a combined area of 17 000 square meters. S&P LOGISTICS offers both bonded and unbonded warehousing.

S&P LOGISTICS handles both rail and road hauled commodities and is equipped with its own shunt engine for the moving of wagons. It can handle 40 road trucks a day as well as around 30 moving wagons. S&P LOGISTICS also operates a state-of-the-art weighbridge for added cargo security and tolling purposes. This is open to customers and the public for weighing cargo loads prior to going on the road.

This equipment can also check axle loading for heavy haulage vehicles. S&P LOGISTICS also offers customs clearing services for clients.

Our Businesses

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