Pastas & Noodles



polana logo

The POLANA and STAR range of pastas are of premium quality and made from the finest Wheat Flour (gluten).

POLANA Pasta is made in Mozambique and is available in the following:

Polana Macaroni – 400g    Polana Macaroni – 500g  –  Polana Macaroni – 3kg
Polana Cotovelo – 400g     Polana Fussili –  500g
Polana Spaghetti – 400g



star logoSTAR Pasta comes to you from Egypt and is available in the following:

Star Macaroni – 400g    Star Macaroni – 3kg

Star Spaghetti – 400g Star Cotovelo – 400g

regina logoREGINA Pasta is premium quality, freshly milled pure Durum Wheat Semolina which comes to you from Egypt and is available in the following:

Remember – always cook your pasta ‘al-dente’ to enjoy it at its best.




express logo TEMMY’S EXPRESS instant noodles- available in 75g  packets in the following 3  flavours – chicken, beef and vegetable. EXPRESS instant noodles contain NO MSG ,   are Halal and are ready to eat in 3 minutes.  Product of Egypt.


yum yum logoYUM YUM noodles –  high quality instant noodles available in 60g packets in the following 4 flavours – chicken, beef, vegetable and curry. These oriental style YUM YUM Noodles are Halal and are a product of Thailand which are enjoyed by consumers in over 40 countries around the world.  Quick and easy to prepare, with lots of flavour and ready to eat in 3 minutes.